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Project Management Objectives Agreement of All Ongoing Overseas Projects Signed
Published:2016-04-18 Source:JINOCCO tags:

     April15, Project Management Objectives Agreement of Installation and Commissioning for Sulfuric Acid Project of TALCO (Tajik Aluminum Company) was signed by Vice President of JINOCCO Mr. Starway LIU, General Manager of JINOCCO Tajik Mr. Lichun CHEN and Project Manager Mr. Longhai XU. All project management team staff appeared in signing ceremony. So far, Project Management Objectives Agreement of all ongoing overseas projects of JINOCCO, i.e. UMM WU’AL U&I, MA’ADEN TLUL, SABIC PCQ-2, Amazar Pulp and TALCO Sulfuric Acid have been signed.

     Under strong support by JNOCCO headquarters, this is an initiative in developing overseas project management method that creates “three-level management and accounting” system among headquarters, branches/subsidiaries and project departments, carries out project manager responsibility system, defines overall quantitative monitoring objectives and incorporates job responsibilities. Above of all, two principles are observed. One is JINOCCO Standard, which is fundamental of project management for all overseas projects under JINOCCO. In case project management cannot comply with JINOCCO Standard, Clients’ Satisfaction will become null, no matter how high its rate is. The other is that Benefit Expectation should be market-oriented. Benefit Expectation should match with proposal estimation, which bases on project execution plan, efficiency in work packages, market survey, competitor analysis and decision-making strategies etc. therefore, no project benefit expectation is same. Project is center of both managements and costs.

     In accordance with JINOCCO headquarters’ guideline, Project Management Objectives Agreement System is still in trial implementation. It should be improved consistently during practical execution. This is one of major task of Improving Management Year initiated by JINOCCO Overseas Division.


From left:  Mr. Longhai XU, Mr. Starway LIU, Mr.  Lichun CHEN

All management staff of sulfuric acid plant installation and commissioning project of TALCO

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