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JINOCCO Overseas Division Completed the Training of Primavera 6 For Entire Personnel
Published:2016-06-12 Source:JINOCCO tags:

     To implement the requirement about exploring the project management approach that adopt to the international practice which was proposed by JINOCCO president, learning and application of Primavera 6 were listed as one of the important contents of Management Improving Year by International Business Department .The literacy type training began in March, that means all management personnel who are engaged in international business must attend the training. Cost engineer Grabby CAO carried out the training among all the project departments which includes the ones in Saudi Arabia and Russia. He provided training to the personnel work in overseas division headquarters and he also made a special trip to Tajikistan to train all the project management personnel. The training time reached cumulative 24 days and 528.5 manpower hours in total. The training content is divided into basic theory explanation, computer operation teaching and the actual application. The focus of the training is to establish and maintain the program model according to the characteristics of different projects, strive to achieve initial application of Primavera 6 and lay the foundation for the exact implementation.
     As the upgrades of Primavera 3, Primavera 6 is software systematically used for project progress management and expense control and it based on network planning technique, earned value and FIDIC. The application of Primavera 6 in project has become an important measure of the international engineering company management level and the basic conditions that World Bank and major international investor require as the eligibility for contractors to participate in the tender.
     JINOCCO Overseas Division introduced Primavera 3 in May 2014 and encouraged part of employee to study and apply through the training; introduced Primavera 6 in August 2015 and tried to apply in early 2016 and will fully implement the Primavera 6 in all the international projects at the beginning of 2017. The application of Primavera 6 is a revolutionary of the project management which require all employee especially the leader and project managers to renew the knowledge and innovate the management method and it’s also a challenging revolutionary of the company management; but it’s the only way to promote the management level of the international business and insure the sustainable development of the international business. The guarantee of the revolutionary success is the determination of the main managers and all project managers consciously support and participation.


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